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Shedding in pets: why does it happen?

April 20, 2022

All pet owners know from the beginning that there will be hair on clothes, floor, furniture... It is part of the natural physiological process; the hair is born, grows, ages and sheds (“dies”), and grows back repeatedly. However, this process accelerates in some specific seasons and we are faced with real tufts of hair scattered and rolling across the floor, which bothers most owners.

“Shedding is more intense in Fall, since in this season, the light summer coat sheds to make room for a denser coat, specific to protect the pet from the typical winter cold. At this time, it is common to see tufts of hair around the house, what is bothering, but it is important to know that it is temporary”, explains Mariana Raposo, manager of the dermatological line at Avert Saúde Animal.

This natural shedding happens evenly throughout the pet's body, without leaving flaws on skin areas. Routine brushing can facilitate this process, including in cats. “Brushing is important to help loosen dead hairs and even remove those that remain intertwined with others. This grooming helps the new coat to grow stronger and easily, besides reducing the amount of loose hair scattered throughout your home, as they come out in the brush, facilitating the environment cleaning as well”, reinforces her.

Some specialists recommend cysteine-, thiamine-, yeast extract- and calcium pantothenate-based dietary supplements, which help maintain the fur health and stimulate its growth.

“Supplementation plays a nice role in this period of the year for shedding hair, helping new hair to grow stronger and more resistant. But it is important that the use of any supplement be supervised by a vet, because excessive shedding and especially the shedding that leaves flaws in the animal's coat, can be associated with other problems, such as skin diseases, hormonal problems, nutritional deficiency and ectoparasite infestation...”, warns Mariana.

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