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Sustainability Pills - What is sustainability?

November 16, 2023

More than a beautiful and fashionable word, sustainability is a necessity in
modern life. Being sustainable means making socially responsible choices every day,
thinking about the impacts we cause to society and the environment, now and in the
coming years.

Sustainability is based on three pillars, social, environmental and economic,
that need to work together to ensure that the practice or choice is beneficial to
everyone directly or indirectly affected by it. Applying sustainability concepts can be a
challenge, but more conscious choices, such as packaging selective collection and
recycling are simple and feasible actions for everyone.

Products made from post-consumer resin (PCR plastic) are great examples of
sustainability, and go far beyond the common plastic packaging we know. Nowadays
cell phone cases, furniture and even roof tiles are made using post-consumer resin.
Sustainability, recyclability and creativity go hand in hand on this journey
towards a better world.

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